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Many of the key tourist sites in Franche-Comté are to be found in Belfort. Everybody knows Bartholdi’s Lion and the Eurockéennes Festival, but Belfort is also home to many other lesser-known treasures which are just as interesting.



Tourism in Belfort is all about culture, heritage, and events. The key destination is of course Bartholdi’s Lion of Belfort  of which the local people are so proud, and which is found repeated in many different forms around the town.

Rising up above the famous animal is the pink Citadel, the indelible mark Vauban left on the town of Belfort, who was also responsible for building the Grand Souterrain.

Belfort is also a cultural destination and all visitors are sure to find something of interest in its museums.

Several times a year Belfort hosts renowned cultural and musical events enabling people to discover new acts and which always set the town abuzz. The most famous of these is the Eurockéennes Festival held in July every year. Whatever you do don't miss the FIMU (International University Music Festival) in June a few weeks earlier. Cinema fans won’t be disappointed either what with the Entrevues Cinema Festival held every year, with a well judged selection of films and something to everybody's taste.

The International University Music Festival

3000 musicians from all over the world gather to attend this event and share their particular musical practices free of charge on 15 open-air performance stages.