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Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère

From the mountain villages in the Jura, via the medieval village in Haute-Saône, all the Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère stand out with their simultaneously unique and authentic personality.

Zoom on the Land of Courbet :

Immerse yourself in the centre of the native region of the famous painter Courbet

>> pays d'Ornans - Loue - Lison


Leave on a discovery journey of those 38 typical villages with the label « Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère » (PCCC) and 4 out of them are listed « prettiest villages in France » (Baume-les-Messieurs, Château-Chalon, Lods and Pesmes)

Picturesque villages in the centre of exceptional sites

Nature and landscapes are a major part of the prestige and charm of the Petites Cités Comtoises de Caractère : nestled in a cirque like  Baume-les Messieurs, perched on a rocky peak like Château-Châlon or surrounded by vines like Arbois, they all have one thing in common: a geographical singularity that is sure to generate amazement in the visitor.

Remarkable architecture

Strolling between abbeys and churches, castles, townhouses, wash houses and fountains in those villages which have all preserved beautiful testimonials of their rich past.

They each provide a special atmosphere: in Fondremand, a quintessential medieval town the artisanal and artistic life prevails. Other example, Arc-et-Senans standing out with its Unesco listed building : the Royale Saltworks. In another style Morteau located in the Jura mountains invites to discover its watch making tradition.

The label and the commitments:

Today the association has 38 villages united by a common cause: protecting and promoting a typical regional heritage while raising awareness of the public to the richness of those municipalities.
Beyond that the purpose also is to bring new dynamism to those rural regions by developing events, animations and a quality welcome.

The Petites Cités Comtoises by department :

Doubs : Arc-et-Senans, Baume-les-Dames, Belvoir, Jougne, Lods, Mouthier-Haute-Pierre, Morteau, Ornans, Quingey, Rougemont, St-Hippolyte, Vandoncourt, Vuillafans.

Jura : Arbois, Arlay, Baume-les-Messieurs, Château-Chalon, Nozeroy, Orgelet, Poligny, Salins-les-Bains, Sellières.

Haute-Saône : Bucey-les-Gy, Champlitte, Chariez, Gy, Faucogney-et-la-Mer, Faverney, Fondremand, Jussey, Marnay, Montbozon, Pesmes, Ray-sur-Saône, Scey-sur-Saône, Vauvillers, Villersexel.
Belfort region : Bermont.