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The Absinthe Trail

Now you can find out all about absinthe thanks to a tourist route lying in France and Switzerland with distilleries, agricultural fields, and museums to find out all there is to know about the infamous Green fairy !



The Pierre Guy distillery

Nothing less than an institution !

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The Absinthe Trail now links up Pontarlier with Val de Travers in Switzerland. This tourist route running through the heart of the Jura Mountains in France and Switzerland is a way for visitors to find out about this legendary product via absinthe producers and distillers, as well as restaurant owners and chocolate makers. The Pontarlier Museum and Maison de l’absinthe in Môtier are a way to learn about this drink and its notorious history.

The poets, writers, and painters of the 19th-century saw to it that the Green fairy acquired a reputation, and many of their works perpetuated the myth.

After having been banned and clandestinely produced for 100 years absinthe is now authorised once again, flowing from the stills as its story continues.

Once more the plant is being cultivated and distilled, and ever more original absinthe spoons and fountains are being made. The fairy will provide inspiration to artists and travellers who stop off in absinthe country to sample the drink.