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The Fort Saint-Antoine

To produce a good Comté (AOP cheese), you not only need a region, Montbéliard cows and cheese dairies, but also a ripening cellar. The cheese will be treated to reach its aroma and will then be harvested at its perfect maturity level by the Maitre Affineur.

the fondue comtoise

A regional dish of the gastronomy of France Comte

see recipe

A military fort with a cheese vocation

Located at 1100 m high in the centre of the Mountains of the Jura, the fort Saint Antoine is an example of successful pacific reconversion of a military construction. Erected after the French-Prussian war in 1870 to protect the eastern borders, it today houses a treasure of 100 000 wheels of Comte cheese!

Ripening at the heart of the mountain

The cheese patiently ripens in the ideal conditions of this real stone cathedral. The slow ripening, 14 months on average, reveals the aromatic diversity of the best Comte cheeses from our mountains. During that long ripening process the Comte will benefit from regular care and slowly release a whole range of aromas to produce a product with rich flavours and taste.
The remarkable ripening cellars of the fort Saint-Antoine between the lake Saint-Point and the station of Métabief have already raised more than one million of exceptional wheels in a natural cave atmosphere.

Discover the ripening cellars of the Marcel Petite  Comté

The guided tours will lead you on a signposted circuit to the discovery of the port's history, the Comté route, a Comté tasting session and finally a demonstration by a Maître Affineur (cheese master).

Comté cheese website

To know all the secrets of the comté, get information on the visits of the cellars, dairies or museums, visit the official Comté cheese website