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  • Nature has a privileged place in Franche-Comté, but it would be nothing without its undeniably charming towns and cities. Whether visiting for culture, shopping or just to stroll around and take in the sights, Franche-Comté is home to many delightful towns and villages.

  • Undulating terrain, varied landscapes, and a diverse environment make Franche-Comté the perfect playground for both young and old. Indeed, many sites have been specially designed to welcome families, allowing them to learn while having fun.

  • Victor Hugo, Courbet, Pergaud... our region is certainly not lacking in geniuses: be they writers, artists, scientists, or renowned industrialists, they all have one thing in common; Franche-Comté is their homeland, a land of invention, discovery, and dates that have changed the course of history.

  • Franche-Comté has inspired many architects over the years, among them major names such as Vauban, Bartholdi, Ledoux and Le Corbusier. They have left behind a rich architectural heritage, including a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Give in to the timeless classics or try something new. Decorative or useful, traditional or modern, only one thing matters: that you treat yourself!


  • Franche-Comté has a firmly established reputation as a centre of expertise. The skills deployed here are numerous, and occasionally surprising.

  • Franche-Comté is a gastronomic region which foodies and gourmets will truly adore. Jura wines, local wines, cheeses, salted meats, distilled products, delicious dishes and sweet treats: a rich assortment to enjoy without moderation. 

  • Water is omnipresent, the very essence of Franche-Comté. It has fashioned its landscapes and forged its valleys. Nourishing, powering, rejuvenating and meandering, a source of pleasure and of inspiration, water is a vital force in Franche-Comté.