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A gourmet destination

Franche-Comté is a gastronomic region which foodies and gourmets will truly adore. Jura wines, local wines, cheeses, salted meats, distilled products, delicious dishes and sweet treats: a rich assortment to enjoy without moderation. 

Local recipes



Franche-Comté has a number of cheesemaking cooperatives, where milk is processed and made into cheese.

A few establishments in Haut Jura Regional Nature Park:

Local produce

Franche-Comté is lucky to enjoy a fertile landscape, favourable to the production of fine produce. Fans of mushrooms will relish the opportunity to pick and cook them. Rivers and lakes also provide great fishing spots for trout, zander, and other species. Walking in Haut-Doubs, you may come across large farmhouses in the typical local style of architecture, featuring a room known as a tuyé, used to store salted and smoked pork and beef products, like sausages, bresi, the traditional smoked ham of Haut-Doubs, or the must-try Morteau sausage. Hard to resist!

The region boasts a large amount of pastureland too, favouring dairy and cheese production. Some cheeses, including Comté and Morbier, enjoy Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (Controlled Designation of Origin, or AOC) status, and there are plenty of other varieties that will delight your taste buds.

And those with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed! Honey, cherries, syrup, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits: in Franche-Comté there is an endless variety of sweet and surprising delicacies.

Tourist sites and places of interest

Franche-Comté’s culinary heritage offers not just great things to taste, but great places to visit too. For example, in Arbois, a remarkable area for gastronomy, is the Jura Vine and Wine Museum, which presents, using a simple and interactive approach, the main stages in wine production, the work of winegrowers past and present, and the different Jura grape varieties.

Absinthe, or the “Green Fairy”, is one of the emblematic products of the region. The Franco-Swiss Absinthe Route provides an opportunity to explore the world of this legendary spirit, visiting distilleries and uncovering the mysteries of this mythical drink’s production process. Pontarlier Museum complements this visit with a section dedicated to absinthe, recounting the history of its production. 

Eating out 

Culinary and gastronomic tourism is one of the region’s strengths, and there is no shortage of places to eat. Restaurants, guesthouses and even mountain inns such as La Petite Echelle in Rochejean will offer you refined cuisine. All that excellent local produce clearly inspires creativity.  Award-winning chocolate maker Edouard Hirsinger and Michelin-starred chef Jean-Paul Jeunet, both based in Arbois, will thrill your taste buds. And a wide range of Franche-Comté restaurants brings out the very best in local produce and expertise.