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made in Franche-Comté products

Give in to the timeless classics or try something new. Decorative or useful, traditional or modern, only one thing matters: that you treat yourself!


objets made in Franche-Comté

objets made in Franche-Comté - ©Comité Régional du Tourisme de Franche-Comté

N° 1:  the art of glass of yesteryears and today: Cristallerie la Rochère.
>> Vases, lamps, tableware... la Rochère is France’s oldest glass factory and shares its traditional craft with you. A fine glassmaker, the Cristallerie creates timeless objects inspired by the Art Nouveau style, such as the “façon 1900” lamp, as well as producing some decidedly modern pieces.

N° 2: A focused Franc-comtoise industry: glasses!
>> Morez, a small town in Jura, has been the glasses capital of the world since they were invented in 1796, and accounts for 55% of all glasses produced in France. Lamy, Charles Boureois... a number of groups have based their operations in Morez to produce glasses for the general public as well as for top names in fashion (Manoukian, Nina Ricci, Boucheron, etc.).
The Glasses Museum in Morez tells the story of this industry

N°3: Aktéo and Utinam: designer watches and clocks.
>> Akteo watches express themes inspired by everyday life. Utinam revisits traditional Comtoise clocks and our way of telling time with their bold, modern creations.

N° 4:  Ibride, original furniture
>> This trio of designers based in Franche-Comté is known throughout the world. Their collection seems like a zoomorphic family of beings and their creations are not as they appear to be.

N° 5: Peugeot coffee grinders
>> Before they manufactured the cars that went on to make them famous, the Peugeot family had been known for its kitchen utensils since 1810.
Their products are found in the Peugeot Museum in Sochaux, or from a range of points of sale.

N° 6: “Made in Jura” toys
>> The region’s vast forest gave birth to a considerable wood-based industry, in particular the successful wooden toy industry. Today Smoby, Vilac, Jeujura, and other names continue the tradition by bringing fresh innovation to their ranges of toys.

Visites d'entreprises


Les entreprises du réseau "Made in chez nous" vous ouvrent leur portes et vous dévoilent les secrets de fabrication de produits, d'industries ou d'objets 100% franc-comtois.

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