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Gastronomy and recipes

Genuine, authentic cuisine, which only uses ingredients of the finest quality, and above all the generous cuisine of a country on which the mountain air whets the appetite.
A cheese soup that has bubbled away for many minutes, a vegetable soup garnished with smoked meats, blade roast and ham, Morteau and Montbéliard sausage, Luxeuil ham and Upper Doubs smoked ham, not forgetting smoked rillette and braise, because here, smoked meats have pride of place.

French recipes

Comté fondue, Fattened chicken in Yellow Wine and morel mushrooms, Cheese tartlets ...

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Jura wines and spirits

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French cheese


Smoked meats

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The Franche-Comté menu par excellence

Jura wine and french cheese - Tourism in Franche-Comté

Jura wine and french cheese - Tourism in Franche-Comté - ©CRT de Franche-Comté

As an aperitif, a little absinth, or green fairy (to be drunk with moderation!). With its bewitching and almost magical vapours, absinth is more than a simple spirit, it is the symbol of an age.
Some Morteau and Montbéliard sausage, the highlights of the smokehouse… The sausage is made according to traditional regional rules: prime quality pork, dried an smoked in a 'tuyé' over a fire of wood and conifer wood chippings, in a mountainous zone above 600 m.

As your main course, a fondue of famous Comté. The first notes to hit your palate are fresh and fruity, soon giving way to more full-bodied flavours, ranging from brioche to a grilled taste, via dark chocolate.

As a dessert, if your appetite can take you there, your meal would not be complete without a little something based on Fougerolles cherries: pancakes with morello cherries and kirsch ice cream…These cherries are bright red, round and shiny, the shape of a marble, and their flesh is lovely and firm.