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Take one protected region in the Jura Mountains. Add Montbéliard cows for their milk. Season with ancestral traditions, and you will get the very best of the region’s cuisine: cheese! Comté cheese, Morbier, Mont d’or... the list goes on and Franche-Comté definitely has the right cheese for everyone!


A veritable stone cathedral where the cheese matures slowly in ideal conditions.

Ageing cellar fort Saint Antoine

Ageing cellar fort des Rousses

Cave d'affinage

Cave d'affinage - ©Comité Régional du Tourisme de Franche-Comté

Cheese takes pride of place in Franche-Comté’s cuisine

>> Comté, AOP cheese from Franche-Comté

A hard cheese with a flavour that is fruity, robust, delicate... many terms can be used to qualify the full richness found in the aromas of the famous Comté, one of France’s best cheeses and one of the first to be awarded AOC status (Controlled Designation of Origin).

To better understand this unique cheese whose colour, texture, and taste are never quite the same, you need to explore the area where it is produced among the green, floral prairies of the Jura Massif.

It is here, on the Routes du Comté that you can meet the producers, hear what they have to say, and learn about their cheese. The Maison du Comté in Poligny will reveal the mysteries of the cheese’s bouquet and the secrets of its production.  And why not head in to a very special atmosphere by visiting an ageing cellar with its stone arches, where thousands of rounds of cheese are patiently maturing? It is impossible to leave the region without buying a piece of cheese - carefully selected according to your taste - from a Comté cheese dairy, cheese shop, or any one of a number of points of sale.

Back home, you will be able to enjoy its surprising range of aromas by tasting it at your leisure. You could also use it to make a simple recipe such as fondue, or try your hand at a more sophisticated dish like Comté and morel mushrooms roasties

>> Cancoillote, Morbier, and Mont d’Or

Cancoillote, Morbier, and Mont d’Or are definite highlights of any gourmet trip to Franche-Comté.

Cancoillote is definitely the lightest cheese, at only 8-10% fat, and is enjoyed hot on potatoes or cold with bread.

Morbier is easily recognised thanks to its black streak of plant ash.

As for Mont d’Or, or vacherin for the connoisseurs amongst you, it makes a delicious dish when cooked in the oven with a generous drizzling of Jura white wine. Remember, though, it can only be found in autumn and winter as it is only allowed to be made between 15 August and 15 March.

The Comté Trail

Another means of discovering the region

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