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In Pontarlier, we stroll in the city in the tracks of an unexpected lynx with the booklet Pontarlier à Pas Contés. At the lake of Saint-Point, you could think you are at the seaside of Port Titi or go swimming, winsurfing, canoeing, kayak, rowing or pedalo... You can descend the hill of the resort of Métabief, on the two tracks of summer luge through forests and green pastures. At the House of the reservoir of the Remoray lake we explore the richness of the natural environments of the Haut-Doubs (lake and river fish, forests and fields, marshes...). In the polar park you learn how a dog pack works and daily life in a Nordic environment. And at the écomusée of Maison Michaud, you discover the life of the local peasants in past centuries. Quite a nature and culture programme in the Haut-Doubs!

Practical info

Office de tourisme de Pontarlier
03 8... Afficher
Fax : 03 81 46 83 32


Duration : 3 days or more
Means of transport : I have a vehicle
Route distance : 58
Route stages :
  • 1 Pontarlier
  • 2 Lac de Saint-Point
  • 3 Station de Métabief
  • 4 Labergement-Sainte-Marie
  • 5 Chaux-Neuve
  • 6 Chapelle des Bois